“Ela sti Thesi mou II” (Walk in my shoes) – Experiential Seminar



The “Ela sti Thesi mou II” (Walk in my shoes) Conference continues for second consecutive year.


The conference is addressed to parents, teachers, nurses, therapists and those who are interested in children with special needs. You can register at the conference which will be held on October 13, 2018 at the European University of Cyprus at 09:00 a.m..


We will be happy to see you and to discuss together about patient multidisciplinarity issues. Renowned scientists will develop and analyze the importance of multidisciplinarity. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a discussion and get answers to specific questions.



For any information you can call 99219079


How do I register at the conference?

Participation fee: Free

You can sign up for the conference in the following ways:

1. Online registration

2. Registration on the day of the Conference

3. By Phone


Experiential Seminar


Experiential Seminar – Human Library


The basic idea is that within the natural environment of the library people encourage the start of a creative dialogue and thus give them the opportunity to observe the diversity of each “living book”.


With regard to “living books”, they will have the opportunity to share their story with other people who hold different (eg speech therapist) or equal roles (eg other parents) that hopefully will contribute to their personal development and their self-development.


Those who are wishing to register in the Experiential Seminar they need to make a separate registration.


There are only 18 available positions.


Members of the Organizing Committee:

Dr. Anastasia Chatzigiannakou, Lecturer, European University of Cyprus

Ms. Evita Katsimiha, Educational Psychologist

Mr. Konstantinos Papageorgiou, Educator, Human Library Cyprus

Mr. Haris Sava, Educator, Human Library Cyprus

Ms. Stalo Kyriakidou, Administrative Officer, PASSP “Unique Smileys”