George Zenieris


George Zenieris was born in Lysi of the province of Famagusta. He graduated in 1974 the B’ Gymnasium of Famagusta. After the Turkish invasion, worked for a while in Larnaca and then moved in Nicosia where he studied Business administration in a college. He worked in the private sector as an accountant and in a banking organization. Along with his professional work path, deals with painting.


In 2011 and for a few years he attended painting lessons with the painter Vassilis Mitas, where he is taught techniques and materials related to the painting of realistic school of art. In 2013 he early retires and dedicates himself to painting. In his work he uses oil paint, charcoal, pencil and mixed media. His subject matter includes scenes from life in modern society, scenes from life in old Cyprus, figures, as he also specializes in portrait painting.


He participates in group exhibitions, while in 2021 he holds his 1st solo exhibition in Nicosia, where for the purposes of the exhibition, he publishes his book with the title “Painting life” with photographs of his works accompanied by poetry and other written words.

His works are in public and private collections in Cyprus and abroad.


Name of Child: Michalis Mesaritis


Giorgos Zenieris, Don’t worry, oil on canvas, 70x80cm, €1500, 2023

Weight: 4kg

 Reserve Price: €1500