Iro Armefti


Iro Armefti from Limassol.

Her passion for art led her to attend painting lessons in 2000, which helped her develop her knowledge of colors, perspective, light, form, value, and all the necessary elements for a successful artistic composition. She has held 15 solo exhibitions to date. Her painitngs can be found in private collections in Cyprus and abroad, as well as in public collections in Cyprus and at the Limassol Art Gallery.

She has been the President of the Pan-Cypriot Association of Artists “Art Without Borders” since 2014.


Few words

While talking with Elpida, she showed me a painting she had created of a small house in her sketchbook. I photographed this very house, which she had painted herself, and placed it in the background of the canvas.

During our conversation, I noticed her love for puppies. Even though Elpida is at an age where most children ask for a mobile phone, she, despite already having pets, wants a puppy of her own.


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Child’s Name: Hope Tornou

In this artwork, the small house Elpida painted takes center stage, nestled in the heart of the canvas. The house, depicted with meticulous detail, exudes a sense of charm and simplicity, capturing the viewer’s attention.

Beyond the house, the background reveals a depth and context that adds to the narrative of the piece. It’s a testament to Elpida’s artistic talent and her ability to infuse her creations with a touch of her own world and emotions.

Furthermore, the painting subtly reflects Elpida’s affection for puppies, showcasing her deep connection to these loyal companions. It’s a piece that invites viewers to contemplate the significance of home, family, and the innocent joys of childhood.

The artwork encapsulates the essence of Elpida’s creativity and her unique perspective on life, making it a delightful and thought-provoking piece.


Iro Armefti, Feel me, acrylic on canvas, 75x75cm, €1150, 2023

Weight: 2,5kg

Reserve Price: €1150