Constantinos Constantinides


Upon completing his BA in Ceramic studies at Camberwell College of Arts & Design, London, in 2000, Constantinos Constantinides returned to Cyprus in 2001 and inaugurated his own studio in the heart of the Old city of Limassol where he works and live. His profound passion for clay opened up and unveiled new dimensions of expression.

He is getting his inspiration through nature and life itself. His work is handbuilt stoneware and one offs. He creates his own glazes to suit his forms and designs. For the past ten years he has been searching for local raw materials (from various parts of Cyprus) with which he has created an exuberant pallet of colours to enhance his glazes.


Facebook:  Constantinos Constantinides

Σελίδα FB:  Constantinos Constantinides – Ceramic Artist

Instagram: constantinidesconstantinos


Child’s Name:  Ellada Yagou


Konstantinos Konstantinides, All together, ceramic sculpture, 50cm diameter, €200, 2023

Weight: 3,5kg

 Reserve Price: €200