Rena Ioannou


Rena Ioannou studied at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Western Macedonia, where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees with a specialization in painting and pedagogical expertise. During this period, she participates in the educational program “Art Therapy” at CPS Arts. She offers lessons on an individual and group level to children and adults. She has participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.

In her current artistic work, she captures impressions from the underwater world. That mysterious, elusive, external, and ultimately, the profound within humans. These elements that have piqued her interest are translated sometimes formally, sometimes using fractal geometry. As she says, “This collaboration with ‘unique smiles’ could be nothing else but a rare, like a spontaneous stroke, in the work of my life.”


Facebook: Ρένα Ιωάννου

Instagram: rena.ioannou


Child’s Name:  Andreas and Christos


Rena Ioannou, Anthoathecata, mixed technique on plywood, triptych, 50cm diameter, €1800, 2023

Weight: 2kg

Reserve Price: €1800