Alexandra Pambouka


Alexandra Pambouka holds a BFA from the School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia in Florina and an MA in Cultural Policy and Development of the Open University of Cyprus. She is involved in practical and research work on Intangible Cultural Heritage and especially in the field of basketry and reed-mat weaving. The subjects she is concerned with are the relationship between man and nature, ritual, tradition and kitsch culture. In her artwork she mainly uses natural or upcycled materials (fabrics, plastic packaging, etc.), incorporating traditional techniques. She has participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. Her works are in the collections of the State Gallery of Contemporary Cypriot Art and the Imago Mundi of the Luciano Benetton Foundation.

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Few words

Sotiris is very creative and energetic. He told me that he loves animals, especially elephants. So he drew an elephant and other jungle animals. Afterwards, I talked to him about my own interests and the weaving technique I use in my works. I showed him this technique on cardboard with cut strips from a magazine. Then Sotiris wanted to weave a wreath so we cut twigs of ivy from his grandmother’s yard and created it. At the end we played football as he loves it so much! The artwork I created was inspired by the colour palette, curves and shapes that Sotiris chose to create his painting. The piece also features the weaving technique that Sotiris was first introduced to. The work captures the light, playful and joyful mood of the encounter.

Name of Child:  Sotiris

Alexandra Pambouka, Afternoon playtime, Textiles on canvas, 60x40x 3,5cm, €800, 2023

Weight: 850 gr

Reserve Price: €800