Elena Siakalli


Elena Siakalli was born in Famagusta and after the 1974 Turkish invasion, she lives in Limassol. She is engaged in art in any form from a young age. Everything around us is art, as she believes. She studied business management and marketing in Great Britain, however, her love for art pushed her to attend mosaic, hagiography and later painting (master classes) with acclaimed painter Andrea Makariou. She became a member of the Pancyprian Association of Artists Without Borders, of which he has been Vice President since 2018 to date. She had two solo exhibitions and she has participated in many exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. Her works are located at the Limassol Municipal Gallery, as well as in private collections in Cyprus and abroad. She has her own art workshop in Limassol, where she deals with her artistic work since 2005.

Few words

Let this be a reminder that the essence of being a princess isn’t confined to external symbols; it’s an innate quality that radiates from within. Every girl possesses the grace, kindness, and resilience that define a princess. A tiara is not needed to be a princess, let us see beyond the superficial and recognize the human qualities that exist in every individual, making each and every one a true princess in her own world!

Dedicated to Ellada, a real princess I have met at my workshop! ❤️


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Name of Child: Ellada Yiangkou


Elena Shiakalli, Princess within, acrylic on canvas, 120x60cm, €1200, 2023

Weight: 3,5kg

 Reserve Price: €1200