Victoria Stylianou


Victoria Stylianou has a degree from the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia, equivalent to an integrated Master’s Degree (painting major, excellent grade).

She is an art instructor in the School and Social Integration Actions program (DRA.S.E+). She also offers painting lessons for children and adults.


  • Artist’s group exhibition, Exhibit 8 Gallery, Limassol (11-18/09/2020)
  • Artist’s group exhibition, Gallery 11, Larnaca (22-24/11/2019)
  • Thesis project «virtual observation arts», Florina, June 2017
  • Student’s 8th Biennale of the Fine Arts Schools of Greece. Center of Contemporary Art, State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (28/4-22/7 2017)
  • Visual exhibition of graduates, and students, with works from the lending gallery of the Florina School of Fine Arts in the municipality of Kozani. PE.THE Kozani (25/5-11/6 2017)


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Instagram: victoriastylianou


Few words

Desert; an ecosystem of the natural environment with living and nonliving elements. Living elements such as organisms and nonliving elements such as air, soil, sun, water.

A geological formation that occupies a third of the earth’s surface, although arid, it gives birth to and encourages growth of the rarest and most unique plants in the world.

A few words about this collaboration:

Art acted as a means of communication between artists and children. What was not said was captured on paper; thoughts, experiences and reflections were created as ideas and images through a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Ονοματεπώνυμο Παιδιού:  Αντρέας και Χρίστος

Victoria Stylianou, Mind Escape- Landscape, watercolour on canvas, 160x50x2,50 cm, €2000, 2023.

 Weight: 3kg

 Reserve Price: €2000