Cross-Border Healthcare Legislation

The guide 2011/24 / EU on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare sets out the conditions under which the patient can travel abroad (in another EU country) to receive medical treatment and reimbursement of the costs. It covers health care costs, as well as the prescription and distribution of medicines and medical devices.

Patients enjoy more rights and choices within Cross-border Healthcare since they can, within the defined national regulations (listed below), seek medical treatment in another Member State and the costs are reimbursed, the amount estimated to be due if they had receive the care in their own country.


Note that:

  1. Patients who have received treatment in another Member State have remote access or have at least one copy of their medical records
  2. If medical surveillance proves necessary, the same medical follow-up is provided as would be provided if such health care was provided to Cyprus
  3. Recipes issued in another Member State of the European Union are recognized in the country of residence of the patient (ie Cyprus) and vice versa. Patients can receive a prescription from any Member State if they have been approved for sale and are available in the Member State that they wish to obtain, even if not available in their own country

In cases where pharmaceuticals are not offered in the state formulary, patients may use the Registered Medicines Commission, which is the competent authority for assessing Registered Queries Drug Administration.


Persons entitled to free treatment in Cyprus, based on the regulations governing the provision of ID.



Receiving cross-border healthcare and claiming reimbursement of such expenses is possible given the granting of a pre-approval by the Director General of the Ministry of Health both for services provided by the State Hospitals and for services not provided by the State Hospitals of the Republic of Cyprus.

In order to obtain pre-approval, it is necessary to submit a completed “Application Form for Pre-approval” to the National Contact Point.
Upon request, prior notice shall be given by written confirmation of the maximum amount to be reimbursed.



The cost of care should be paid in advance by the beneficiary. He will be refunded the equivalent amount after returning to Cyprus and presenting the necessary documents (eg proofs, medical report, etc.) as mentioned in the relevant Application Form. The level of costs that can be refunded should not exceed the amount that would have been charged if healthcare was provided to Cyprus.

For the reimbursement of expenses, the beneficiary must submit a request to the National Contact Point via a specified form “Application Form for Reimbursement of Expenses / Compensation“.


Each EU Member State has designated a National Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare, which, among other things, provides information to the public.

National Contact Point for Cross-border Care in Cyprus:

Ms. Anastasia Christodoulidou, Pharmacist A
Ministry of Health, Prodromou 1 & Chilonos 17, 1448, Nicosia
Tel.: 00357 22 605630,
Fax: 00357 22 605499/492

In order to provide information, a request should be made to the National Contact Point via a designated “Information Form”.

For more information visit the following website.

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Οδηγία 2011.24.ΕΕ Ε.Κ. εφαρμογή των δικαιωμάτων των ασθενών στα πλαίσια διασυνοριακής υγειονομικής περίλθαλψης