Ministry of Finance

Department of Public Administration and Personnel


The Recruitment of Trained Blind Telephone Booths at Voicemail in the Public and Educational Service and the Legal Entities of Public Law (Special Provisions) Law of 1988 states that:


Regardless of the provisions of any other Law in the vacant posts of the Public and Educational Service and the legal entities governed by public law, priority candidates are nominated blind persons who hold all the qualifications required by the service plans and who are trained telephone operators.


Beneficiaries for the purposes of the Law are individuals:

  • the visual acuity of which after use of corrective lenses does not exceed 6/60 of normal vision in the best eye
  • hold a diploma in telephone training, as granted by the Blind School

Disability should be declared in the application for appointment (after being announced in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus) and be accompanied by the necessary certificates / certificates, in particular written confirmation from the Pancyprian Organization of the Blind.

More information is available at the Citizens Service Centers and at the Department of Public Administration and Personnel.