Other ways to support

Contribution from sales revenue

Businesses and organizations wishing to contribute to our organization’s work can offer a percentage of sales revenue to “Unique Smiles”. This business move will be part of its corporate social responsibility, and it will attract customers to proceed with the purchase of their products, as they themselves will contribute without having to pay an additional amount.


Organize an event

Organizing an event, such as a charity bazaar, or a bingo game, is also a great way to collect money to help finance the “Unique Smiles”. In this case, our organization is at your disposal for any help with the organization and the best possible results.


Legacy in the will or a donation at a funeral

We also encourage people who wish to donate through their will, or in the case of a funeral, donate to “Unique Smiles” instead of a wreath.


Support Services in kind

Support to our organization can also be done through in-kind offer such as the purchase of wheelchairs or other equipment like office supplies, or the cover of other organizations costs.


Events (Engagement – Wedding – Christening – Birthday)

In cases such as weddings, engagement or christening receptions, you can contribute to the “Unique Smiles” organization instead of offering guests a gift. Our organization will undertake the creation of cards that you can give your guests so that you inform them that you have contributed to the “Unique Smiles” organization instead of gifts. In the case of birthdays, you can suggest to the guests, instead of a gift, to donate to the organization of “Unique Smiles”.