Patient Rights Charter

The protection of patients’ rights originates from international and European conventions and other legal acts. For the purposes of legal protection of patients ‘rights and for the establishment of an effective monitoring mechanism to monitor the observance of these rights, the Law on the Registration and Protection of Patients’ Rights was adopted in 2004 (1 (I) 2005).


  • Rights to health care and treatment
  • Decent treatment
  • Access to health services
  • Equal health care without discrimination
  • Health care in cases of urgent medical emergencies or serious health conditions within a reasonable time and to the maximum extent of the health service provider’s capacity
  • Right to information
  • Health care is provided with the consent of the patient and where it is impossible to take care, urgent health care can only be provided if it is considered to be in the best interests of the patient, is in accordance with his or her best interest and takes into account any previously expressed his desires
  • Confidentiality
  • Patient privacy protection
  • Right to information, access and objection in relation to information relating to the patient himself and included in medical records that the health provider is required to keep

Patients’ Rights Officers in State Hospitals


In every government hospital there is a Patient Rights Officer who:

  • provides advice and assistance to patients for the purpose of safeguarding their rights
  • receives and handles complaints of patients in need of direct treatment, otherwise refers them to the Complaints Committee
  • guides and informs hospital staff about patient rights


Patient Rights Officers:

  • Nicosia General Hospital – Tel: 22603545, Fax: 22604293
  • Arch. Makarios General Hospital – Tel: 22405156, Fax: 22315739
  • Limassol General Hospital –  Tel: 25801240, Fax: 25305783
  • Larnaca General Hospital –  Tel: 24800415, Fax: 24800451
  • Paphos General Hospital – Tel: 26803170, Fax: 26306103
  • Ammochostos General Hospital –  Tel: 23200147, Fax:  23200100

Provincial Complaints Committees of Patients


A five – member Complaints Survey Committee is appointed in each province and is based in the District’s largest state hospital. The Committees are responsible for investigating first and second degree complaints relating to the private sector as well as second-level complaints concerning state hospitals and either transmitted to them by a Patient Rights Officer or complaints from patients not satisfied by the decision Officer. The decisions of each Commission are notified in writing to the patient and the affected health provider.


The intervention of the recommended Committees is particularly important. Their role is to examine complaints and complaints concerning the provision of services to patients, as well as to investigate and collect related, to record pathogenic causes, to formulate problems and to suggest viable solutions to deal with them.


Nicosia District (General Hospital of Nicosia) – Tel: 22603802, Fax: 22604293

Limassol District (Limassol General Hospital) – Tel: 25801231, Fax: 25305783

Larnaca – Ammochostos District (Larnaca General Hospital) – Tel: 24800510, Fax: 24304298

Paphos District (Paphos General Hospital) – Tel: 26803476, Fax: 26306103


We note that both Patients’ Rights Officers and District Complaints Commissioners are not competent:

  • examining matters relating to medical expertise or medical negligence or claim for damages
  • taking disciplinary action on any matter for which the Disciplinary Board of the Pancyprian Medical Association and / or competent authority has competence

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